I am also highly passionate about teaching geology, especially in the field. I am committed to implementing (pedagogically sound) active learning strategies in the classrooms that intentionally and actively foster equality and inclusiveness. My expertise as a field geologist and skills in operating inexpensive but innovative technologies, both in the field and inside the classroom, help me become a dynamic teacher. Through my teaching and research, I strive to ensure that my students perform at their fullest potential and flourish in the competitive professional world, irrespective of their backgrounds and affiliations. A statement on my teaching philosophy can be found here.

Courses Developed & Taught at Northern Kentucky University (2018–2020)

GLY 110: The Face of the Earth with Lab (online accelerated course)

GLY 120: This Dangerous Earth

Courses Instructed at the University of Cincinnati (2016–2017)

GEOL 1002: Surface Processes

GEOL 1009: Natural Hazards

EVST/GEOL 2025: Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

Courses Instructed at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (2011–2012)

Geomorphological field techniques

Cartography, remote sensing, and GIS

Mentorship Experience

Marina Argueta (PhD., Geology), UCLA graduate student (2018–2020).

Christina Kitamikado (BS., Geophysics), UCLA undergraduate student (2019–2020).

Justin Higa (PhD., Geology), UCLA graduate student (2018–2020).

Norma Contreras (BS., Geology), UCLA undergraduate student (2018–2019).

Julianna Cativo (BS., Geophysics), UCLA undergraduate student (2019).

Kat Rivers (BS., Geology), UC undergraduate student (2016).

Mitch Kleimeyer (BS., Geology), UC undergraduate student (2016).

Zach Altman (BS., Geology), UC undergraduate student (2016).

Student Field Trips

1. The Northwestern Himalaya

2. Southern California & Nevada

3. The Midwest & the New England Region

Diversity & Inclusion

My efforts in fostering diversity and inclusion can be summarized based on my experience in engaging students in classrooms, my teaching and research plans related to equity and inclusivity, and my own experience and values related to diversity. I am committed to cultivate an equitable academic climate where my students feel comfortable and a sense of belongingness. I am also a first-generation minority college student, which gives me confidence and helps shape my views as an instructor. With my experience, background, involvements, and aspirations, I plan to make inclusive excellence an essential part of my curriculum. A brief diversity and inclusion statement is provided here.

International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD): This is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating access and inclusion for persons with disabilities in the Geosciences. Please consider supporting our efforts to make geoscience fieldwork accessible to all geologists. * *LET’S GEOLOGIZING TOGETHER!**

Preparing Future Faculty Program

I completed a certificate course on Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) at the University of Cincinnati. The PFF program intends to hone teaching skills, improve pedagogy, and incorporate innovative teaching methods in the classroom. Under this program, I taught traditional and non-traditional students, learned different active learning strategies (e.g., blended learning, flipped classrooms), and attended >10 workshops and conferences on pedagogy and science teaching on and off the campus. I also visited local Liberal Arts Colleges in Cincinnati to understand their teaching focus and styles, and I observed classes of other faculties both at the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University. I occasionally attend PFF reading groups and participate in discussions. Details about the certificate program can be found here.

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